Viewing Room Rules


  • No photography or videotaping is permitted in the room. Those who violate this rule not only risk being asked to leave the room, but also ejection from the convention. 
  • No tampering with the video equipment or TV. If there is a problem with the audio or video, please notify a staff member. 
  • Be respectful. Please be quiet and courteous to your fellow viewers and take your conversations outside. 
  • Don’t stand in the doorway/entrance. Do not block other people from coming in and out of the room. 
  • Take your trash with you. Please do not leave trash on the floor or chairs. 
  • No sleeping. The viewing room is not a nap room. If you are caught sleeping in the room you will be woken up and asked to leave. 
  • There is Content that may not be appropriate for minors (noted with an *). Viewer discretion is advised.