Developer Info

Developer Spaces are sold out!

First Developer Space Includes
3' of table space – No Cover
Two Chairs
Two Exhibitor Badges –
Additional badges may be purchased for $10 each.
Electricity is FREE for all developers!

-First Developer Booth you purchase comes with 2 Badges. Developers who purchase multiple booths are given one additional badge per booth. Additional Badges can be purchased. Selling or giving away Sac Gamers Expo badges to individuals who are not legitimate workers is against Sac Gamers Expo policy and considered theft.

To obtain a Developer’s Application please email:


Developer’s Rules:

To apply for a developer’s space for the Sac Gamers Expo, you must be the developer or owner of the material you are demonstrating. You must bring everything you need to demo your game to the public (also please bring an extension cord and surge protector)! Your game can be in any stages of development from beta to 100% complete. It is ok to sell your game, ask people to back you with Kickstarter, Patreon etc. It is ok to sell merchandise that is 100% related to the game that you are demonstrating at the show. Allowing access of adult material to minors is not permitted.

YOU MAY NOT SELL ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS ROOM! Please understand that these tables are sold at a very low cost to help developers get the attention that they need for thier passion of making games. If you would like to sell product as an exhibitor, please contact us for an exhibitor contract.
Developer’s Area Hours:

Setup: 8:00am – 10:50am
General Admission: 11am – 6pm

Setup: 9:00am – 9:50am
General Admission: 10am – 5pm

​Developer spaces