Jason Damron has been doing voice-over work for over 20 years and is known as the Voice Overlord. For many years now, his voice has been used for narrating countless audiobooks for Audible and Amazon, YouTube videos, video games, online tutorials, radio ads, and much more. Jason is most notably known for his narration as "The Storyteller" from ShoddyCast’s Fallout Lore Series and his work narrating major campaign swathes in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms (2015) and Rise of the Rajas (2016). He is also the narrator of many Commonwealth Realm videos, a YouTube channel fully devoted to bringing you the best Nintendo content, specializing in game theories, in-depth analyses, and video game documentaries!.

Russell Barba worked in the video game industry during the early 90's as a computer artist, game animator, and game clean-up artist. He worked on “Harley’s Humongous Adventure” for the Super Nintendo (built the Lego Land Playfield in the game), “Taz-Mania” for the Super Nintendo (scale art, spot animations, rear view mirror images, and level terrain), “We’re Back – A Dinosaur Story” (early stages of the sprites for Rex and Elsa, and the title screen), and “Dominus” (built 72 of the playfields). Dominus was scheduled to be released on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis but was ultimately cancelled. The game was later released on the PC. He also worked for “Sega of America”. While there he did work on “Jurassic Park” for the Sega CD (designed and built interface objects and icons in the environment, did clean-up on 3D rendered objects and dinosaurs), and “Wild Woody” for the Sega CD (animation, clean-up, title screen, and co-designed the mechanical world and its enemy sprites).

Scott Zillner is a Professional Toy Prototype Artist and Prop Maker who has done work for JAKKS Pacific, Disney and many other companies. He was recently a featured guest on Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest. He has done the paint designs for many of the action figures you collected over the years. Some of his most notable work includes painting the prop toys seen in the movie Tron Legacy, along with creating and painting Disney's Mindstyle "Tron Stitch". He has also worked on the paint designs for Disney Infinity figures, World of Nintendo Figures, Star Wars Lego Statues, Dragonball Z figures, Halo Statues, an extensive line of WWE and UFC figures, plus so much more!

2017 guests

John Lester has been reviewing rare and retro video game systems and games on YouTube since 2008. He is one of the hosts of the All Gen Gamers podcast which is a weekly podcast for people and video games of all generations. In early 2013, John started producing video games, and his first game “Gamester81: The Video Game” came out for the ColecoVision (his favorite console). In early 2014 John joined the team at CollectorVision Games and they are now producing new games for the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Intellivision, NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Advance and even modern consoles.


​​​Austin "Lockstin" Lockwood is a YouTuber who strives to think too hard about games and more. He is a video-game researcher and Internet personality best known for being the creator and host of the video-game theory YouTube channel, Gnoggin. He is always asking the difficult questions such as "How do fire flowers work?" "Does Donkey Kong have dentures?" and "What would happen if you drank Nuka-Cola Quantum?" Applying science and logic to the often illogical world of videos games is what he does best. But that doesn't stop him from doing reviews and discussions on the side.


Joseph Ferris is the co-content creator of Commonwealth Realm, a YouTube channel fully devoted to bringing you the best Nintendo content, specializing in game theories, in-depth analyses, and video game documentaries! Started by Konrad Janusz-Vaernes in Norway, he brought in more members to the realm, including editors Jannis Hermann, Phillip Russel, and Christian (iBuzzeh) and British voice actor Leo P. Making their way to the Sac Gamers Expo are Joseph Ferris, the co-content creator, and Jason Damron, the Voice Overlord and narrator of many Commonwealth Realm videos.


Videogame BANG! is a video game and pop culture podcast hosted by Cory Vincent, Aaron Carter, David Webb, and Ivy Doomkitty based proudly in Sacramento, CA. In the 4 years since the podcast has started they have interviewed amazing guests in the gaming and pop culture world such as Katrina Law, Roger Craig Smith, Freddie Wong and more. VGB has been invited to host panels at Wizard World Comic Con, SDCC, SacAnime, and of course, Sac Gamers Expo. The crew doesn't take themselves too seriously, but they take gaming seriously.

Ivy Doomkitty is an internationally recognized Cosplayer, Artist, Gamer, and Published Model, based in Los Angeles. Ivy has been an avid fan of comics and gaming since childhood, and has been attending conventions for over 11 years.  In the last 4 years, Ivy has delved into the world of cosplay, fascinated with the creativity of it as well as being able to show her love of her favorite characters through this medium. Since then, she has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after cosplayers for conventions throughout the world. Ivy was also featured as a GUEST JUDGE on several episodes of the Syfy Original Series, "Heroes of Cosplay", and was the cover model for "Cosplay Culture" magazine. She is also podcasting regularly via gaming channel, Videogame Bang Podcast. Please note: Ivy Doomkitty autographs are $20 each.

Natasha Vanessa Harried (Also known by her stage name) Ami Yoshiko is an actress, cosplayer and Youtuber from the bay area who loves videogames, anime and loves to connect and play with her fans on her live streams and IRL. Her Youtube channel consists of cosplay tutorials, crazy story times from convention horror stories to wacky daily occurrences, and gameplay of her favorites such as Overwatch, Dangan Ronpa and Persona with weekly videos and live streams hosted on PlayStation 4. She has made her Television Debut on the Netflix Series, "13 Reasons Why" and "Ballers" on HBO and has appeared on several VR and Esports commercials. Ami has worked as a cosplay model for several companies and videogames such as Halo, Japan Crate and Moba Legends, as well as a Promotional Model at events such as Anime Expo, E3 and San Diego Comic Con.

Arlo is a Youtuber who strives to create a friendly, upbeat environment where discussion is greatly encouraged and bad puns run rampant. This includes reviews, opinion pieces, let's plays, analyses, nostalgia talk, comedy bits, and anything else he feels like cooking up. Whether he's offering a positive reaction or an honest criticism or a pained lament, lighthearted comedy is at the heart of everything Arlo does. His main focus is Nintendo, but he dabbles in PC gaming and other consoles as well. 

G.S. Denning’s real name is Gabe. He just doesn’t use it on books because he hates it and it’s not as snooty as initials, as one does need to be snooty when writing a faux-British comedy series like Warlock Holmes. Gabe is a 15 year veteran of Improv Comedy with Seattle Theatersports, Orlando Theatersports, Jet City Improv and others. He was also a writer/performer for live shows at Disney's Epcot Center at “Walt Disney World”. Gabe became a localization editor at Nintendo of America, ensuring that humor/context translated appropriately from Japanese to English video game scripts. Specifically, he did this right before the global economy tanked in 2008 and Nintendo fired the entire newly-hired department after they only got to finish working on one game, Style Savvy for the DS. Yep. Gabe can tell you a lot about near-misses in the gaming industry and how persistence can eventually help you get your geek-content out to the world.​

G.S. Denning will be at the show selling and signing copies of his 2 books from his “Warlock Holmes” series. Warlock Holmes is an idiot. A font of arcane power, certainly. But he’s brilliantly dim. Frankly, he couldn’t deduce his way out of a paper bag. The only thing he has really got going for him are the might of a thousand demons and his stalwart companion. Thankfully, Dr. Watson is always there to aid him through the treacherous shoals of Victorian propriety… and save him from a gruesome death every now and again.

James Riding III is the Senior Game Designer on the blockbuster franchise "God of War". He started his career in early 2008 working on a small unreleased MMO as a Level Designer at the startup company Meteor Games, owned by the creative minds of Neo Pets. The MMO project was eventually abandoned and as the company transitioned to Facebook games James left the studio to follow his passion for console game development. In late 2009 He joined Papaya Studio and in under two years James worked as a Game Designer on "Pixar's Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales",  a Level Designer on "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction", and Combat/Level Designer on "Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion". After Papaya closed, James found his way into a contract position as a Level Designer on "God of War Ascension". By the end of that project, James had achieved a permanent position at Santa Monica Studios where he is now working on the highly anticipated re-imagining of "God of War".

Eric Wile is a credited video game designer who worked for Verant Interactive, Sony Online Entertainment, Big Idea Interactive and SCEA (Sony Computer Electronics America). He worked in many roles including Game Master for EQ, Quality Assurance, Concept Design, Game Engine Design, Development, Level Design and Storyboarding. In his career he received back to back Team Member of the Month Awards, as well as received the Sony Achievement award for his work on developing EverQuest: Macintosh Edition. Eric had a major hand in the development of several extremely popular titles such as EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, PlanetSide, Star Wars: Galaxies and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Andre "Black Nerd" Meadows is an actor/comedian and the creator of the YouTube Channel BLACK NERD COMEDY. Every week Andre posts rants, reviews, vlogs and videos filled with geek culture, 80's retro, and 90's nostalgia. He has had a few roles in independent films including “The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” and "Sharknado 4", and has been a web celebrity on “Disney XD's Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 TV special”. Andre has moderated official Comic-Con panels for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and the All That Reunion. He is also the host of “Catching Up with Andre” for Regal Cinemas; "Crash Course Games" produced by John & Hank Green, and is the co-host of “Kingdom Geek” for Fullscreen Media. He has made comedic videos with the Power Rangers Movie & TV casts, was invited to the Nintendo of America Office, received dating advice from Ice Cube & Kevin Hart, and has done collaborations with Nostalgia Critic, Angry Video Game Nerd, and other various YouTube channels. He is very proud of the fact that he probably has a bigger Smurf collection than most of you.