Ed Annunziata will be doing Space War Arena endless mode challenges at his booth on Saturday from 2:20pm till 6pm and all-day Sunday from 10am till 5pm! You move up the prize ladder for every 5 waves you complete successfully on one run and you get the prize you reach on the ladder! The prizes get better the higher you go! Prizes will be unveiled at Ed Annunziata’s booth! This challenge is completely free and will be done on a docked switch one-at-a-time at Ed’s booth for everyone to watch and cheer you on!

We are not able to run our main tournaments this year. 

We hope to be able to return to doing our tournaments next year.

We are doing a special promotion with Ed Annunziata (creator of Ecco the Dolphin) and his newest game Space War Arena! Starting now and ending Saturday December 18th at 12 noon, if you are the person at the top of the online leaderboard for Space War Arena and you bring your Nintendo Switch to Ed Annunziata at his booth for verification, you will receive a brand-new Sega Genesis Mini! If you would like to participate, all you have to do is download the game from the Nintendo eshop for only $5. For those that don’t want to participate in the competition or just don’t want a head start, on December 17th, Ed will be putting the game on sale for 1.99!