2:05pm - LIVE MUSIC - Got Item!

Come and get your faces melted by this heavy metal band who is fueled by a deep love and appreciation of video games from the past and present. This game-inspired music (often referred to as "Nintendocore") is aggressive, melodic, and not for the faint of heart!

2:40pm - The Villain Hour - King Koopa's Five Nights At The Dark Side

Panel Participants:
Kellen Goff - Voice Actor

Kenny James - Voice Actor

C. Andrew Nelson - FX Artist, Designer, Voice Actor

Moderated by Joseph Ferris

Kellen Goff rose into fame with his roles in the "Five Nights at Freddy's" franchise, Kenny James has been the voice of everyone's favorite big spiky villain Bowser since 2005, and C. Andrew Nelson turned to the dark side as Darth Vader. Come join these 3 amazing voice actors for an hour long evil filled Q&A session where they will discuss their rise to power!

​​12:50pm - Hanging with the Youtubers

Panel Participants:

ARLO - YouTube Game Reviewer

Austin Lockwood - Lockstin & Gnoggin

Joseph Ferris - Ferris Wheel Pro / Game Reviewer for Nuke The Fridge
Chris Alaimo - Classic Gaming Quarterly

​​Come spend an hour with these amazing Youtubers! Let them put a smile on your face as they entertain you with funny stories and answer your questions in a fun filled Q&A session!​​

11:35am - Q&A with Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

Panel Participant:
Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

Andre Meadows, the creator of Black Nerd Comedy, is a nerd from the 80’s and 90’s who welcomes you to join him for an hour of nerding-out to debate and celebrate topics that range from film, TV, gaming, comics, and other things nerdy!

3:55pm - Videogame BANG! LIVE Podcast with Andre Meadows!

Panel Participants:

Videogame BANG! - Cory Vincent, David Webb, Emma Skies, & Curtis Fisher
Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

The Videogame BANG! Live podcast panel is a chance for you to be a part of Sacramento’s number one gaming podcast! Hosted by Cory Vincent, David Webb, Emma Skies and Curtis Fisher, Videogame BANG! has been proudly recorded in Sacramento California for 6 years. Come be a part of the show by participating in gaming discussions and Q&As with the hosts and special guest Andre Meadows!

2019 Panel Schedule!