Chris Graue loves to stream Super Mario Maker 2 on Twitch and is a well-known music video director in SoCal’s ska-punk-pop scene. He’s filmed official music videos for NOFXReel Big Fish, Goldfinger and many others. With the bands he hangs out with, you can only imagine the stories he could tell you! Come spend an hour with Chris as he does a Q&A with his fans and talks about his newest music project Lo(u)ser, yielding a digitally potent pop sound laced with ska beats and lo-fi chiptune blips with video game inspired music videos! We will be giving away an art print during this panel courtesy of Verdant Creation!

Come join us for a special screening of “Rarity: Retro Video Game Collecting in the Modern Era”, which is a documentary that showcases interviews made with casual retro game collectors to collectors with the most expensive retro game collections in the world. This documentary explores the evolution of the retro game collecting world with the Introduction of the graded game market. The cast includes prominent YouTube gaming personalities, up and coming collectors and collectors with some of the most expensive Retro Game collections in the world. Explore Retro Game world oddities, rarities and one of a kind collectibles in the first retro game collecting documentary of its kind. Stay after the movie for a Q&A with the movie crew and some of the cast! Movie Runtime: 1hr 38 mins

Do you enjoy the weird side of gaming? What about the culture behind some games so terrible, they’ve spawned their own cult following? How did game developers go about fixing content that was deemed offensive (or illegal!) in the days before they could just patch things over an internet connection? We’ll touch on all of this and more in I Can’t Believe That Exists, an interactive panel celebrating some of gaming’s strangest stories…
…while also being full of trivia goodness and prizes galore!  We’d like to especially thank Fire & Ice Games, Rocklin's newest game store, as this presentation’s sponsor.

Kosono Okina is a former Nintendo game designer from Kyoto, Japan. While there, she contributed majorly to multi-million-selling flagship titles, including New Super Mario bros DS, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Nintendogs + Cats Series, New Super Mario Bros 2, Yoshi's New Island, Super Mario Maker, and a few others. If you ever wanted to know what it is like to work at Nintendo, then this is the panel for you!

John Riggs has a love for nostalgia with everything from classic breakfast cereals to retro video games. Adam Koralik is a self-proclaimed nomadic traveler, who has scoured the world to amass a huge collection of thousands of video games for dozens of consoles. Come spend an hour with these 2 YouTubers as they discuss their love for retro gaming and all other things they are nostalgic for.

C. Andrew Nelson is an award winning artist, actor, writer, game designer and voice actor. He worked many years at LucasArts as a visual effects supervisor and senior artist. He helped create and design many of LucasArts popular titles! He was also a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic. Andrew is best known for having played Darth Vader in the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games. Come listen to Andrew as he talks about what it was like to work at LucasArts and to portray the Dark Lord!

The creator of the Sega Genesis classic Ecco the Dolphin and the Producer/Director of many well-known classics of the 90s, including X-men, X-men 2: The Clone Wars, Spiderman, Chakan the Forever Man, Tiny Tank and more is here to talk about his past and upcoming projects and do a Q&A with his fans!

Panel Participants
Jay Hunter (aka Shady Jay)​ - The Game Chasers

Aaron Stapish (aka Riff), Ricky Avila (aka Rickyyyyy), Gabriel Giraldo (aka Gabbo the Giver)  - Pixel Game Squad/The NES Pursuit

Rob & Josh - Retro Hunters

The team up of the century! Jay of the Game Chasers; & Riff, Ricky, and Gabbo of the NES Pursuit team up with the OGs who did it first, Rob & Josh of the Retro Hunters! This is the panel you don't want to miss! The Retro Hunters are back after a 9 year hiatus to do a panel with the YouTubers that picked up were they left off! The dream collaboration you never thought possible! Come spend an hour with these amazing guys! Don't get caught slippin'! We’d like to especially thank The Retro Fix, and Whatnot, a live auction mobile app made by collectors for collectors, as this presentation’s sponsors. We will be giving away a complete in box copy of Albert Odyssey for the Sega Saturn during this panel courtesy of Whatnot!

Pat Contri (“Pat the NES Punk”) is here! The man behind Flea Market MadnessThe Video Game YearsThe Completely Unnecessary Podcast, the Ultimate guidebooks, and more will be here to share his thoughts on the retro gaming scene, discuss past and upcoming projects, and take your questions! There may even be a surprise or two!​ We’d like to especially thank Whatnot, a live auction mobile app made by collectors for collectors, as this presentation’s sponsor. We will be giving away a complete in box copy of Pokemon FireRed for the Game Boy Advance during this panel courtesy of Whatnot!