12:00 Noon - Q&A with the Dark Lord

Panel Participant:
C. Andrew Nelson - FX Artist, Designer, Actor & Voice Talent - LucasArts / ILM Industrial Light & Magic

Come join C. Andrew Nelson for an hour of fun filled Q&A. He will be speaking about his long career in the games industry, his work in feature film visual effects, and his turn to the dark side as Darth Vader.

1:15pm - *Featured Guest* Q&A with Lex Lang

Panel Participant:
Lex Lang - two-time Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards honored Voice Actor and Director

Over the last 20 years Lex Lang has been in over five hundred Original Animation episodes, Anime series, and Video Games and has played a wide assortment of fan favorites throughout his career. Come join Lex Lang for an hour long Q&A session where he will discuss his legendary voice acting career!

​​2:30pm - Hanging with the Youtubers

Panel Participants:
Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy
Natasha Vanessa Harried - "Ami Yoshiko" Cosplay Model / Actress / YouTuber
ARLO - YouTube game reviewer and Puppet

Come spend an hour with these amazing Youtubers! Let them put a smile on your face as they entertain you with funny stories and answer your questions in a fun filled Q&A session!

10:45am - Q&A with Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

Panel Participant:
Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

Andre Meadows, the creator of Black Nerd Comedy, is a nerd from the 80’s and 90’s who welcomes you to join him for an hour of nerding-out to debate and celebrate topics that range from film, TV, gaming, comics, and other things nerdy!

3:45pm - We Love Games!

Panel Participants:

Jason Damron - The Storyteller: Fallout Lore Series / Age of Empires II Voice Actor
Joseph Ferris - Commonwealth Realm / Game Reviewer for Nuke The Fridge

​Adam Koralik - Figure It Out Productions / Game Society Pimps

​Reggie Williams - YouTuber Radical Reggie

If there is one thing in this world that we can all agree on, it's that video games can bring us all together. We love to play them, collect them, and talk about them! Come talk to us for an hour about the games you love and ask us about the games we love! Lets spend an hour talking about the one thing we all love, VIDEO GAMES!!!

Panels will be announced later this year!