​​The Sega Pluto is an unreleased variant of the Sega Saturn. The Pluto was a revised version of the Saturn with a built-in Netlink modem (which would have made it the first console to have internet support straight out of the box), along with a new chassis and bodywork. The system weighs in at a rather hefty 6 lbs and has two controller ports, a top-loading disc drive with a flip-top lid, and a memory cartridge slot. It is unknown exactly how far the project was carried through before it was cancelled - only two prototypes were ever produced (Pluto 01 and Pluto 02, respectively), both presumably from around the 1997-1999 period. Both prototypes have been found, with Pluto 02’s last known location believed to be in Japan.

The Sac Gamers Expo retro museum will feature rare items from the history of video gaming! Lots of old systems and items you may have never known existed or just may have never seen in person!

Museum Rules & Regulations


  • Destruction of anything on display will result in fees.
  • No sitting anywhere in the museum other then the chairs that are provided.
  • No food or drinks allowed! - No eating, drinking, smoking, gum-chewing, excess noise, or running in the museum.
  • No touching anything in the roped-off section. Viewers must not come closer than 24 inches to anything on display.
  • Physical harassment (i.e. fighting, wrestling) will not be tolerated!
  • No-flash photography is allowed.
  • Oversized bags or backpacks will not be permitted in the museum.
  • Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Everyone must comply with instructions or requests from museum staff. We ask that you treat the staff, volunteers, and attendees with the same kindness and respect as you would want for yourself.

The museum has a limited capacity. As a result, we sometimes may need to ask some of the attendees to leave the room, or prevent attendees from entering the room until more space is available. We apologize if this becomes an issue, but we are trying to provide a safe and comfortable room for everyone.

The SEGA PLUTO 01 PROTOTYPE will be on display for the first time ever for public viewing in our museum at Sac Gamers Expo 2019!