Sac Gamers Expo Press Registration

Please contact Sac Gamers Expo for a press registration form if you are interested in covering our event. You will need to contact Sac Gamers Expo before November 26th, 2017. Please fill out the press application and email it back to Sac Gamers Expo to be put on our Press List. You may be contacted for further information concerning your request during the approval process. All press, amateur and professional, will need to provide a valid photo ID and business card at time of check-in.

Press organizations/companies must have existed for at least one year. Individual personal blogs and/or galleries will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Please ask our convention attendees for their permission before taking their photograph. If they say no, please honor their request and do not take the photograph.

Please ask parent, guardian, or chaperon for permission to take a minor’s photo and let them know where the photo will be located. If they say no, please don’t be rude or pushy and honor their request.

No Video recording of Guest Panels without prior approval, this includes mobile devices and tablets.