Video Game Industry Q&A - 12:00 Noon

Panel Participants:
James Riding III - Senior Game Designer on "God of War" for Sony Santa Monica Studios

Eric Wile - Video Game Designer - worked on EverQuest and Star Wars: Galaxies

Russell Barba - Video Game Artist from the early-mid 90’s
G.S. Denning - Ex-Localization editor at Nintendo of America & Author of Warlock Holmes

The video game industry is continually growing as technology develops, and with that growth comes a niche job market that is particularly hard to break into. In this Q&A workshop, professionals from different avenues of the industry are here to answer your questions on how to break out into the gaming industry or get a job designing for gaming companies. Our you could just spend an hour fanboying (Or fangirling) about your favorite games and ask them about their experiences! Here is your chance to pick the brains of those who are apart of or have been a part of the industry in one form or another while they tell you stories about thier work in the industry.

Videogame BANG! LIVE Podcast - 3:45PM

The Videogame BANG! Live podcast panel is a chance for you to be a part of Sacramento’s number one gaming podcast! Hosted by David Webb, Cory Vincent, Aaron Carter, and Ivy Doomkitty, Videogame BANG! has been proudly recorded in Sacramento for 4 years. Come be a part of the show by participating in gaming discussions and Q&As with the hosts.

A Nerd, A Know-It-All, and a Puppet - 10:45am

Panel Participants:
Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

Austin Lockwood - Lockstin/Gnoggin

ARLO - YouTube Puppet

Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) is a nerd from the 80’s and 90’s, Austin Lockwood (Lockstin/Gnoggin) is a know-it-all that uses pseudo-science for developing theories and discussing controversies, and ARLO well umm... he's a puppet who plays video games. Andre, Austin & ARLO welcome you to join them for an hour of nerding out as they debate and celebrate topics that range from film, TV, gaming, comics, and other things nerdy!

2018 panels coming soon!

Hanging with the Youtubers Q&A - 1:15pm

Panel Participants:
Jason Damron - The Storyteller: Fallout Lore Series / Age of Empires II Voice Actor
Joseph Ferris - Commonwealth Realm
Natasha Vanessa Harried - "Ami Yoshiko" Cosplay Model / Actress / YouTuber
John Lester - Gamester81

Come spend an hour with these amazing Youtubers! Let them put a smile on your face as they entertain you with funny stories and answer your questions in a fun filled Q&A session!

Naturally Organic 3D Modeling in Pixologic’s zBrush (contains no pesticides!) - 2:30pm

Panel/Workshop Participants:

Rodney Allen - Instructor from The Art Institute of California

Mikiya Okada - Instructor from The Art Institute of California

​Stephen Studyvin - Associate Program Chair of Media from The Art Institute of California

Together we will explore strategic stages in the development of creatures and characters using Pixologic zBrush. Anyone interested in developing characters for games will be able to pick up some techniques from this workshop. We will dive into sample techniques for sculpting form by creating bone definition, muscle tissue, and surface detail to complete our final design.