Videogame BANG! LIVE Podcast - 12:00 NOON

 What's Up Pizzas'?! Sacramento's #1 gaming podcast is taking over the panel room for a live episode of the podcast where you are the star! It's an open forum conversation/ Q&A hybrid where we talk about any and all things video game.  Do you think DLC is overpriced? Do you think Shaq-Fu was the best game of all time? Get in line, speak your mind and lets have some fun.. Oh yeah.. did we mention GIVEAWAYS?! Participants that speak up are likely to walk away with some pretty awesome free stuff! See you there!

2016 panel events...

Hanging with the Youtubers Q&A - 3:45pm

Panel Participants:

Sean Long

Rich Alvarez

Austin Lockwood - Lockstin&Gnoggin
Dena Natali - Cyborcat of Channel Awesome

 Come spend an hour with these amazing Youtubers! Let them put a smile on your face as they entertain you with funny stories and answer your questions in a fun filled Q&A session. 

2017 panels will be announced later this year!

Video Game Industry Q&A Workshop - 1:15pm

Panel Participants:
Brian Linville – Owner of Stigma Games Gaming Studio
Russell Barba - Sega game artist from the early 1990’s
Chris Kohler - Video game journalist veteran / Games Section editor for WIRED Magazine

 The video game industry is continually growing as technology develops, and with that growth comes a niche job market that is particularly hard to break into. In this Q&A workshop, professionals from different avenues of the industry are here to answer your questions on how to break out into the gaming industry or get a job designing for gaming companies. Here is your chance to pick the brains of those who are apart of or have been a part of the industry in one form or another.

The Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Q&A - 10:45am

Panel Participants:
Terry and Dan Diebold – Owners of the Nintendo PlayStation prototype 

 Come and spend an hour with Terry and Dan Diebold as they tell the story of how they found this one of a kind item! They will be answering your questions, and they will turn the system on for everyone to see!

Kingdom Geek Q&A - 2:30pm

Panel Participants:
Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy – Kingdom Geek Co-Host
Katie Wilson - Kingdom Geek Co-Host

Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) is a nerd from the 80’s and 90’s who knows more about superheroes than you or anyone you know. Katie Wilson is a millennial geek raised on a steady diet of Disney movies, theater references, and strong opinions.  Andre and Katie welcome you to ask them a variety of nerd-culture-loving questions as they debate and celebrate topics that range from film, TV, gaming, comics, and pretty much everything else.