2018 info will be posted soon!
Spaces will be available to purchase in May 2018!

Artist Alley Info

Artists are limited to 1 table.

1 Artist per table. (if you are a company or a studio selling artwork or crafts for multiple artists or you want more then 1 table, please apply for a vendor contract)

One Artist Table Includes
One 6′ Table – No Cover
Two Chairs
Two Exhibitor Badges
– 1 for the artist, 1 for a helper.

Selling or giving away Sac Gamers Expo badges to individuals who are not legitimate workers is against Sac Gamers Expo policy and considered theft.

To obtain an Artist Alley Application please email:
Email: contact@sacgamersexpo.com

Artist Alley Rules:

The sale of Bootleg Items is not Permitted (fan art is ok)

You must be the artist of the artwork you are selling.

If you are a company selling artwork or crafts for other artists, please apply for a vendor contract.
Allowing access of adult material to minors is not permitted.

All artwork and crafts Must be Video Game Related!

Artist Alley Hours:

Setup: 7:30am – 10:00am
General Admission: 10am – 5pm